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Department of Health The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
The Centre for Health Protection (CHP)
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Rotary Vitarobics Dance  Rotary Vitarobics Dance is a kind of rhythm dance which integrate standard forms of dancing moves with sharp and energetic musical rhythm progressively and involves movements of all body parts and joints. It is also a kind of low-intensity aerobic exercise which is believed to be beneficial to people of different age, build and physical condition. The audience should be able to enjoy the fun and benefits from both movement and music when they are training with Rotary Vitarobics Dance.
(Only Chinese version is available)
Workfit Tips  Making use of the experience of Uncle Bill, this video describes the occupational safety and health knowledge for the health care sector, including the proper posture of manual handling, use of computer in the workplace and prevention of occupational diseases such as musculoskeletal disorders and sprains.
(Only Chinese version is available)
Aquatic Exercise for Knee Pain  This DVD introduces an aquatic exercise, designed by physiotherapist of the Department of Health, which aims at improving the knee mobility, thigh muscle strength, joint function, body balances well as reducing pain. Aquatic exercise is suitable for all ages, and does not require swimming skill. Anyone who is interested in aquatic exercise can learn from this DVD and continue to practise on his own.
(Only Chinese version is available)

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